Wednesday, 10 December 2008


DPD recently re-branded from their old name, Parceline, to DPD, or Dynamic Parcel Deliveries.

Dynamic, my arse.

I looked around for reviews on the web for DPD and found little positive being said anywhere. What is being said is that they are a rip off.

Generally DPD are getting a good reputation from senders, to be fair - they seem eager to collect parcels. On the flip side, recipients have nothing good to say.

If you are not in at delivery, they offer to return the next day. In my experience this simply does not happen - they do not turn up at all, but say that they have. This may be an isolated instance, and it is not the primary complaint against DPD, so I will give them the benefit of the doubt and suggest that DPD merely made an administrative error in my case.

What happens next?

Well, DPD offer a variety of delivery options at this point.
  • Delivery on the next day, at an unspecified time (although in my case this never happened)
  • Delivery before 10, Monday to Friday
  • Delivery from 08:30 - 12, Monday to Friday
  • Delivery from 12 - 6, Monday to Friday
  • Delivery from 9 -1 on Saturday.

That seems quite good really. Until you see that these delivery slots cost between £5.88 and £11.75 to book. For a four hour slot for a delivery that DPD have already been paid for.

Well, I have to arrange something, so I had better call them. The number is 0871 244 4442. Wait a moment, that's 0871 2444442 - When I first looked at the whole number as a block, 08712444442, I missed it, but that's a premium rate number, is it not?

Well, I am not having that, I went and found out the non-0871 number straight away (it is 0121 5002500) and I am glad that I did, I am not the only one who has had to wait for too long for an answer, whilst paying for the call. Some ar complaining of calls costing nearly £50, plus the cost of rearranging a delivery, for a parcel which they have already been paid for.


Do not use DPD.